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When: May 25th 2024 Where: Iron Addicts Gym - 2224-A Cerritos Ave, Signal Hill CA 90755 Schedule of Events: Weigh-Ins...
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When: May 25th 2024

Where: Iron Addicts Gym - 2224-A Cerritos Ave, Signal Hill CA 90755

Schedule of Events:

Weigh-Ins: 8:30AM - 9:30AM

Rules Briefing: 9:30AM - 10:00AM

Doors Open To General Admission: 9:30AM

Competition: 10:00AM - 4:00PM


Questions? Contact us at: ctfletcher.isca@gmail.com

2024 ISCA Strict Curl World Championship





2024 ISCA World Championship

Ticketing & Event Information

EARLY BIRD COMPETITOR - $75.00 per Lifter (If you are a first-time lifter with teh ISCA you must purchase an ISCA Membership as well)

CROSS-OVER-FEE - $25.00 per additional division required

ISCA ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP & CARD - $30.00 (Replacement Card Fee $15.00)

DAY OF COMPETITOR DOOR FEE - $100 (Does NOT Include FREE Event Tee Shirt)

FREE ISCA World Championship Tee Shirt When You SIgn Up By May 13th

*You must sign up for Early Registration (before May 13th @ 7PM PST) in order to get your FREE ISCA World Championship Event Shirt. The shirt will be provided to you the day of the event.

ISCA Strict Curl


1. All competitors must wear a signlet in order to participate in ISCA events. Competitors must be dressed in their singlet at the time of weigh-ins (Excluding Teens, Adaptive, and Wounded Warrior)


2. Wrist-wraps are permitted, in ISCA events, at lifter's discretion.


3. Gloves of any kind are NOT allowed in ISCA events.


4. Equipment - Ivanko OBZ-55 bar (30.30 lbs) will be utilized for the competition.


5. The lifter shall face the front of the platform. The bars shall be held horizontally across the thights, with the palms of the hands facing outward and fingers gripping the bar. The feet shall be flat on the platform with the knees locked and arms fully extended. The lifter shall have their shoulders and buttocks firmly against the wall during the lift.


6. After removing the bar from the rack, the lfiter must move backwards to the wall to establish his/her starting position twelve inches (12") from the wall. Lifter shall wait in starting position fro the Head Referee's signal. No resting of the bar on the thighs. The signal will be given once lifter is motionless and the bar is properly positioned with your head up, chin up, and arms extended fully down. The Head Referee's signal shall consist of an upward movement of the arm and the verbal command "curl".


7. No "fights", lifters will compete from their (1st) attempt, lightest to heaviest (Rising Bar Method). Competitors mush successfully complete their three (3) lift attempts in order to set a world record - fourth (4th) attempt. If you fail your lift, you may continue to "retry" that weight until successful or run out of attempts. NO LOWERING OF WEIGHT. Easy opener is suggested.


8. Once the curl command is given, the lifter must bring the bar up to the fully curled position (bar near the chin or throat with palms facing backwards). The knees mush remail locked; head, shoulders, and buttocks against the wall throughout the entire lift.


9. The legs and hips may not be used in any way for momentum to complete the lift. Lifter may not lean back to assist in bringing the weight up. Any thrusting of the legs or hips is not allowed.