by Kelsey Alderson

How CT Fletcher Works Out To Get Jacked & Return To Former Glory

The workout that CT Fletcher uses to get jacked as he journeys bac...
How CT Fletcher Works Out To Get Jacked & Return To Former Glory

The workout that CT Fletcher uses to get jacked as he journeys back from surgery to find his old greatness.

CT Fletcher is a former bodybuilder who is now a fitness icon and successful entrepreneur. Holding many titles and a massive platform online, he seeks to inspire and help others achieve their fitness goals.

When it comes to working hard, looking to the pros and those who have gone before us is a great way to boost all our gains. They’ve done it before and are living proof of what can happen when you grind in the gym and really buckle down with a solid workout routine.

So many websites and influencers claim to know exactly how to get a massive and shredded physique but at the end of the day, looking to those athletes we admire most may just unlock all those gains we wish to see.

CT Fletcher is a fitness icon and knows exactly what it takes to see growth and to optimize your training and nutrition, so you only see huge gains.

CT Fletcher’s approach to training is unique and has served him well throughout his career. For those of us looking for similar gains, no one does it better than CT Fletcher. His workouts are intense and can be game changers for your own gains.

About CT Fletcher

CT Fletcher is also well known as the Iron Addicts entrepreneur and a worldwide powerlifting icon. Born in 1959 in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, CT Fletcher moved around quite a bit during his life. He lived in Watts Township, Arkansas then later moved to the city of Compton in California.

During his bodybuilding days he displayed a great physique. He first entered the weight room in the early 1980’s and made bodybuilding and weightlifting his life. He later placed top 3 in many bodybuilding shows. He then transitioned to Powerlifting increasing his strength monthly. He began participating in many powerlifting events and became one of the most successful powerlifters of our generation. At an early age, he realized the incredible amount of strength he had in comparison to his peers.

He was ultimately a three-time winner of both World Bench Press Championship and World Strict Curl Championship. He was nicknamed as the “Superman of Compton” as seen in ‘CT Fletcher My Magnificent Obsession’ and nearly lost his life due to heart complications. His popular phrases such as “I command you to grow” and “Its still Yo Mutha Fu*** Set” became synonymous with his Iron Addicts brand and have been incorporated into his training workouts by fans across the world. Fletcher also faced many obstacles in his life. He grew up with an abusive father and he almost died due to heart failure. His unhealthy eating habits caused CT Fletcher to experience many heart complications and had to undergo heart surgery. CT Fletcher flatlined during the procedure and nearly lost his life. CT later adopted a clean diet and healthy lifestyle, even integrating a vegan diet.

Today, he is known as the successful entrepreneur, father, and a worldwide recognized fitness icon who founded Iron Addicts.

CT Fletcher Training Routine

CT Fletcher focuses a lot on Train to Fail and constantly changing workout routines. By constantly changing your workouts, you are better able to confuse your muscles so they have no choice but to ultimately grow.

The CT Fletcher workout routine includes excessive amounts of protein and carbohydrates. Also, fats are kept at only 10 percent of the entire daily intake. This is meant to keep your body energetic enough to perform as many reps as possible. A key to Fletcher’s transformation is doing both physical and mental training routines. CT relies on his repetitions, instincts, and his ability to change his daily routine.

His goal is to apply a one-movement workout (OMW) method, which involves high-volume, high-repetition interval training.


Exercises Sets Reps
Standing Biceps Cable Curl 4 8-10
Preacher Curl 4 8-10
Seated Triceps Press 4 8-10
Incline Hammer Bench Biceps Curl 4 8-10
Concentration Curls 4 8-10
W Bar Triceps Extensions 4 8-10
Straight Bar Triceps Extension 4




Exercises Sets Reps
Barbell Straight Bench Press 4 8-10
Incline Barbell Press 3 8-10
Wide Grip Chin Ups 4 10-12
Incline Bench Cable Fly 5 12
Smith Bench 4 8-10


Exercises Sets Reps
Hammer Strength Lat Pulldown 3 8-10
T Bar Bent Over Row 3 8-10
Lying Machine Rows 3 10-12
Close-Grip Seated Cable Row 3 8-10
Straight Arm Pushdown 3 10-12


Exercises Sets Reps
Standing Barbell Lateral Raise 4 12-15
Barbell Press 4 10-12
Seated Single-Arm Dumbbell Overhead Press 4 8-10
Bent-Over Dumbbell Lateral Raise 4 12-15


Exercises Sets Reps
Hack Squat 4 8-10
Leg Press 4 8-10
Seated Machine Leg Curl 3-4 10-12
Barbell Squat 3 10-12